Interview Types

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Coding Interview

  • In depth 1-1 coding & data structures mock interview.

  • Ideal for junior & senior software engineering role.

  • Ex. Code binary search tree iterator.

  • Problem solving & coding skills.

  • 60 mins, USD 75 /-

Object Design Interview

  • In depth 1-1 object oriented design mock interview.

  • Ideal for senior software engineering role.

  • Ex. Design Elevator System.

  • Object Oriented Design Skills.

  • 60 mins, USD 75 /-

System Design Interview

  • In depth 1-1 system design mock interview.

  • Ideal for senior software engineering role.

  • Ex. Design google docs.

  • End to end scalable system design skills.

  • 60 mins, USD 100 /-

Behavioral Interview

  • In depth 1-1 behavioral mock interview.

  • Ideal for junior & senior software engineering role.

  • Also referred as jedi/hiring manager/behavioral round.

  • Motivation, communication, conflict resolution skills etc.

  • 45 mins, USD 100 /-

Program Manager Interview

  • In depth 1-1 program manager interview.

  • Ideal for program/project management role.

  • Demonstrate ability to prioritize competing requests.

  • Focuses on individual skills of program management.

  • 45 mins, USD 100 /-

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How it works

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1. Choose the interview types & quantity based on your needs and go through the payment.
2. We will contact you on email about your target companies, preferred time slots etc. to match you with the best interviewer.
3. Interviews are conducted online via Skype for voice call, with the help of code-sharing tools.
4. Get immediate verbal feedback at the end of the interview.
5. You are also encouraged to ask whatever questions you have and tips to improve.


  • What is ExpertMitra ?

    ExpertMitra is a platform to help individuals connect with professionals from prominent tech companies and seek effective guidance and feedback on their interview preparation and mock interviews.
  • Will the interviews be anonymous ?

    We care about the privacy of candidates and the interviewers. We do not disclose personal information or the mock interview performance outside of ExpertMitra.
  • Who are the interviewers ?

    We handpick and verify all our interviewers. Each of our team members have worked with largest tech companies for several years.
  • What is the interview reschedule/cancel policy ?

    We respect both interviewers’ and candidates’ time. a) You can reschedule/cancel the interview up to 48 hours in advance of your interview time and get a full refund. If you cancel later than that time, unfortunately, you will not receive any refund. b) If you are more than 30 minutes late for an interview, the interviewer can decide to cancel the interview with no refund.
  • I am not ready yet, when should I take a mock interview ?

    The whole point of a mock interview is to let you "fail" safely and learn from the "failure". Most of our past users took multiple mock interviews throughout the preparation. Having mock interview early means you still have time to adjust your preparation strategy. And the one before real interviews helps you overcome nervousness.
  • How much advanced notice do you need to schedule a mock interview ?

    We can generally schedule the interview within a week. It also depends on interviewer's schedule. We give 100% refund in case we are not able to schedule for your preferred timeslots.


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